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Access to funding: Leading your Company to Capital
March 30, 2010
Lionhead Golf & Country Club, Mississauga

Securing access to funding is notoriously frustrating in Canada, prompting many entrepreneurs to look south of the border for investors. With recent economic turmoil, this is even more of a challenge. The number of businesses that received VC funding in 2008 was roughly half of what it was five years ago. Meanwhile, U.S. firms, which in recent years grew to represent 41 per cent of all VC dollars invested in Canadian companies, are in rapid retreat, dropping from $836 million invested in 2007 to $370 million last year. How is it possible to attract – and retain – investors in today’s climate?

Moderator and Panelists:

  • Elda Fares, Partner, National Audit Leader, KPMG
  • Brad Cherniak,  Contributor, The Financial Post and Partner and Co-Founder, Sapient Capital Partners
  • Louis Anagnostakos, Co-Founder, Turtle Island Recycling Corporation
  • Krista Jones, Advisor and Practice Lead, Information and Communication Technology, MaRS Discovery District


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Sapient Capital Partners on BNN:

Trading Day : July 12, 2010, 2:15PM : Angel and Other Capital for Early-Stage Companies It continues to be a challenge for Canadian start-up companies to access credit.  BNN speaks to Brad Cherniak, partner at Sapient Capital Partners, about the plight of small businesses.


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“What’s the difference between a good idea, and a great business?”

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“What is the most common mistake startups make when looking for investors?”

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